The Right Form Filed At The Right Time!

The Aatrix eFile Center and the Aatrix Compliance Group combine to guarantee that your payroll reports and payments are made to the right agency, in the required format, and on-time for all filings made three business days prior to the agency deadline.

Aatrix assumes responsibility for any fine or penalty reported to Aatrix within 48 hours of agency notification, of a report or payment received three business days prior to the agency deadline, as a result of a rejection due to improper format, calculation performed by our automated form, or due to missing a deadline. Aatrix is NOT responsible for errors in the payroll data used to create the report or payment, failure to file on time, or other user errors.

State and federal agencies continually change filing dates, forms, calculations, rates, and compliance standards. The risk of costly fines and penalties for non-compliance is one of the greatest concerns of business owners and particularly payroll administrators.

Aatrix’s Tax Compliance Group maintains hundreds of state and federal payroll forms, and the Aatrix eFile Center provides a guaranteed delivery method insuring 100% compliance.

  • Forms approved by over 170 agencies
  • Aatrix prepares your reports to the electronic format required by any agency
  • Aatrix Compliance Center provides support at no charge
  • Aatrix guarantees compliance for timely filings
  • Time date and stamped history files provide a flawless audit trail

Compliant services continue to expand each year. Aatrix’s Tax Compliance Center maintains over 1800 separate form pages, when required forms are approved by state and federal agencies for filing. The Aatrix eFile Center assumes responsibility for every filing received on time. Aatrix provides you with a fool-proof filing method that eliminates the risk of costly fines and penalties.

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